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The YMCA offers programs to help your child succeed in the classroom. Whether you're a new parent looking to learn how to best prepare your young one for school, or looking for a fun, enriching place for your older child to spend time after school until you get off work, the YMCA has programs aimed at helping giving them the best chance at a bright future.

The hours children spend outside of the classroom are critical to their growth and development.  The Y is committed to providing children with a safe, enriching and fun environment during out-of-school time, where we foster positive physical, social, emotional and cognitive growth.  We weave an emphasis on health and wellness into every program, to ensure that every child is learning healthy habits for a lifetime.

DUE TO COVID-19: The Twin Rivers YMCA After School Program for 2020-2021 is postponed at least until in-school instruction resumes for Craven Couty Schools.
Like you, the Y has been navigating uncharted territory as we develop plans to provide flexible and affordable child care while expanding enrichment and providing extended learning opportunities for children. We know families are eager to make plans for the school year, and we are working diligently with our local schools and community partners to adapt and finalize options for your child’s out-of-school time. We will communicate our plans to our members as soon as they are available.

    2020-2021 Cohort Learning Camp

    Winter Break Camp